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Why do cheating wives cheat in the first place

You know if you wanted to figure out how far America has gone in terms of social progress and how far it needs to go, you just need to examine the whole social construction of cheating housewives. In fact, this is the only thing you need to focus on for you to get a clear picture of the real state of social progress. It really is quite depressing because as much as we’d like to imagine the great strides we’ve made as a society in terms of abortion rights, voting rights and anti-gender discrimination in the workplace, you only need to look at the gender politics apparent in the act of domestic cheating and you will exactly see how behind the times we are. Pay attention the following factors.

It’s too easy to blame the woman

When it comes to the concept of cheating wives, it’s very easy to feel scandalized. There’s a reason why reality-themed TV shows that feature cheating housewives are always a hit. The underlying expectation and assumption is that these women are morally flawed, there is something wrong with them, they are somehow crazy or they are not normal. This really all boils down to blaming the woman, but you have to remember that when it comes to cheating and infidelity, it’s a two-way street. Sure, it’s the woman who chooses to have sex with somebody who is not her husband, but her husband is not completely off the hook yet.

There is something that she’s missing. There’s something that is wrong with their marital union that pushed the housewife to cheat. Of course, the blame in practical terms should belong with her because she is the one who pulled the trigger, but this doesn’t give us the comfortable myth of completely absolving the man. He somehow, some way didn’t keep his end of the bargain as well.

It’s too easy to blame the second man

It’s also too easy to blame the stranger who banged the horny housewife. It’s very easy because we are always looking for villains. We’re always looking to point our plastic finger on that third party that we don’t really control and demonize that person. You have to understand that, in many cases, the third party, the guy is actually an innocent bystander. In a lot of cases, the woman doesn’t even tell him she is married. While there are many guys who are obviously looking for horny housewives, there are also many guys who are completely innocent third parties. Instead of looking to blame this person, focus instead on the fact that a large number of marriages in the United States shouldn’t have had happened in the first place. Seriously. A lot of people like to live their lives based on a schedule. You’ve seen the schedule. In many cases, you’ve probably put the schedule to use. What schedule am I talking about? Does this sound familiar?

Aged 18, you enroll in college. Aged 22, you finish college with a Bachelor’s of Science or Bachelor’s of Art degree and you start your first job. Aged 25, you get married and settle down. Aged 30, you have your first child and you get promoted. Aged 35, you reach the top of the company that you work for or reach the top levels of middle management and are making serious waves. Aged 40, you have certain doubts about your past decisions. Aged 45, you’re probably divorced. Sounds familiar? This is the typical American life cycle. This is why this life cycle is part of the reason why the divorce rate in the United States has always harbored around the 50% mark. A lot of this unnecessary drama would have been avoided if people chose not to get married in the first place. If in doubt, leave it out. Shack up!

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