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Usually, when people think about lonely wives, they think about the stereotypical horny and sexy mature.  You know exactly what I’m talking about.  If you got a few years on you, you probably have heard of the movie "The Graduate."  Also, if you are in your 30s, you probably have heard of Stifler’s mom.  Whatever generation you’re in, there’s always a stereotype regarding the lonely housewife or the neglected mom you’d love to fuck.  I am , of course, talking about M.I.L.F. 

There’s all sorts of stereotypes and mythology surrounding this dating demographic.  On the one hand, they’re supposed to be really good-looking.  On the other hand, they’re supposed to be these sexual vixens that would knock your socks off.  In fact, the hype and misconceptions are so thick that it’s really easy to get an unrealistic view of these women.  This is precisely what happened to me.  I never really thought that I would end up having a sexy mature hookup.  That was the last thing on my mind when I joined this typical online dating site.

I was just looking for mature women that are down for action @ .  That’s pretty much the extent of my search criteria.  I don’t really care about what they look like as long as they’re somewhat presentable.  In my mind, as long as a woman is fuckable, then she’s good to go.  Of course, it goes without saying that the chicks that I end up hooking up with must have the right mindset.  They can’t be mental cases.  They can’t be chicks who are looking for husbands.  They can’t be women who are looking to emotionally dominate or damage somebody.  I’m not looking for any of that unnecessary drama.

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Looking for something that’s almost guaranteed to get you aroused? I hope so as I’ve got the perfect thing for you. I think that once you see these videos of moms and their daughters in threesomes you won’t be able to get your pants down quickly enough.

I guess it’s just about every mans dream to have sex with two women at once. But how many would do it with a mother and a daughter? fair enough they might not actually be related but it’s still something that might be a little taboo for most. I don’t care what you think but I’d go for it at the drop of a hat, something like that would have to be a once in a lifetime thing and I wouldn’t pass up on that.

I could just imagine that at the start it might be a little awkward for the mother and daughter having the threesome. But seriously over time it would just get hotter and hotter. I’d love to let the mother suck my cock while I like her tight daughters pussy. I think you guys can see the good side to this and if you’re anything like me you’ll be checking those threesome videos out right now!

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Lara Latex is the wife of Jim Slip. While she still looks pretty decent for a mature, Jim Slip is really just a creepy old guy with loads of cash.

For years he’s been throwing cash at you pornstars and fucking them on film and selling it off to the public.

So what is the difference between this and prostitution then? Nothing really, the chick is just not out on a street corner and because it’s filmed and sold or released to the public, it’s called porn.

So, if you have the balls and fucktons of cash, there should be nothing stopping you from doing the same.

Lara likes to get stuck into the young chicks just as much as he does and this off-beat couple rakes in the dollars on the back of their perverted lifestyle.

Scoop up this huge 67% off discount to Lara’s Playground and get access to Jim’s antics too.

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